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Volunteer at Lost River Cave and become part of the mission of enriching and educating more lives through connections in nature. Volunteering at Lost River Cave is a great activity for students, individuals, groups, and families. Work alongside the Lost River Park Guides and Naturalists and be a Habitat Hero!

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Volunteer Invasive Plant Initiative (VIP)

What is VIP?

The VIP Initiative is a program which enlists our community to help save and preserve the woodland, wetlands, and wildlife of Lost River Cave and Valley, by removing invasive and exotic plants.

What are invasive and exotic plants?

Invasive and exotic plants are not native to the area which grow aggressively and displace native plants. These species consume much-needed nutrients and space for native plants and wildlife habitat to grow. Invasive plants choke out our trees, drink up our waters, and out-compete our wildflowers. Plants like Winter Creeper, Privet, or English Ivy.

Who Can I Help?

We recommend VIP Crew members be over the age of 10, but folks of all ages are welcome to join. Children 17 and younger must be accompanied by an adult.

What do I need to bring?

Bring gardening gloves and a water bottle.  We will provide a cooler with water.  You are welcome to bring your own tools to the park, such as shovels, rakes, pruners, loppers, and hand saws, but we ask you not to bring power tools or chainsaws.

When are the VIP Days?

VIP Days will be scheduled every Saturday from March-November, 1p-4p. Plant pulls may be canceled due to lack of participants and weather-related issues.

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  • Prep student rock and fossil bags for educational programs (many needed)
  • Volunteer Invasive Plant Initiative-Great for kids and first-time volunteers!
  • Help plant materials (seasonal) and weed and dead-head dead flowers (weekly/bi-weekly)
  • Help remove cattails from the wetland (requires tall waders)
  • Help move school field trip groups from station to station. (2-3 hours-M-F mornings)
  • Litter Control- Great for kids and first time volunteers!

Volunteer Positions: Requires application, interview, and past volunteer experience, on the job training and long-term commitment.

  • Greeter
  • VIP Leader-leads VIP Initiative days throughout the year!
  • Nature Center Docent (Program Guides)
  • Trail walker/answer questions and direct people
  • Help run the Nature Trading Post
  • Answering phone and assisting visitors with questions and directions (summer months only)

Big Groups: Clubs, Organizations, Businesses

  • Trash collection along trails (monthly)
  • Volunteer Invasive Plant Initiative (can be scheduled to fit your group’s schedule!)

Small Groups: Clubs, Friends, and Families

  • Prep student rock and fossil bags for educational programs (many needed)
  • Volunteer Invasive Plant Initiative (can be scheduled to fit your group’s schedule!)
  • Help plant materials (seasonal) and Weed and dead-head flowers in beds park wide (weekly/bi-weekly)

Specialized Trades:

  • Painting
  • Birding (capable of leading a bird watching hike)
  • Knowledge of 1930’s furniture and fashion
  • Photography
  • Creative and Journalistic Writing

Special Projects: Events and Building Projects

  • Carpentry, shovel work, materials prep, trail construction
  • Special Events, such as Great American Campout and Earth Week (help with parking, greeting visitors, serving, driving a golf cart, tidying, ect…)

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Chad or Annie at 270-393-0077, chadwick@lostrivercave.org, annie@lostrivercave.org

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