Share & Discover

tradingpostWith the Nature Trading Post, children can share exciting finds discovered outdoors. Traders earn points by learning facts about the natural object they have collected. Points can be saved up and traded for other cool items found at the Nature Trading Post. Come on out and add to your collection!

The Nature Trading Post is open on the 2nd and 4th Saturday, April-October, from 1pm-4 pm. The Post is located in the stone building next to the Butterfly Habitat on the Blue Hole Trail.

Fun ideas for trade items include rocks, minerals, fossils, clean bones/skulls, antlers, teeth, cocoons, spider webs, snake skins, turtle shells and exoskeletons of insects.

More information on trading guidelines and to discover what can be traded

Check out this short video exploring The Nature Trading Post.

No items regulated by U.S. Endangered Species Act, Migratory Bird Act, CITES (Convention of International Trades of Endangered Species), or other local, state, national or international laws and agreements-NO EGGS, FEATHERS or NESTS. No living animals, no dead animals that have been hunted or hurt. No items of archaeological interests: if it has been made or altered by historic or prehistoric man. Nothing that is icky, smelly or meaty.