Take the challenge!

Your child can become an official Junior Tour Guide by participating in three of five activities outlined in the handy guide book. Everything you need to get started is provided FREE in the Lost River Cave Visitor Center.

Pick Three Activities:

  • take a cave tour
  • lead your family on a hike
  • interview a park guide
  • teach others about Lost River Cave
  • show pride in the park

When three activities are completed, take the booklet to the Visitor Center. You will receive a FREE Junior Tour Guide Certificate and a Patch.

As a Junior Tour Guide you will:

  • Learn about the history and geology of Lost River Cave
  • Explore nature along the Valley Trails
  • Gain knowledge to share with others
  • Share knowledge through story-telling and public speaking
  • Protect a natural and historical resource
  • Be physically active in the outdoors

Take the Junior Tour Guide challenge today!