Take Flight

This seasonal attraction is cherished by locals and visitors alike! Step through the entrance to the Charlie Miller Butterfly Habitat and observe the beauty and wonder that surrounds you. Our screened-in garden supports native Kentucky butterfly species and offers access to nature at no cost. The Annual Butterfly Celebration is on June 23 and donor butterfly releases take place throughout the season, which is late May through late September. Donate now and join us for a donor release this summer!

Donate to support the Butterfly Habitat

Find Your Wings

Local artists Hadleigh Chapman and Novelty V. Habit donated their time and talent to create an amazing mural on the side of the Gift Shop to raise awareness of the need for ongoing support of the Butterfly Habitat.

It’s not too late to make a difference! Your support can begin a butterfly effect! Donate now to support the Habitat.

Come spread your wings and tag #LRCWings as you take flight for an awesome cause!


Donate to support the Butterfly Habitat