A hub of community activity.

There are many things to keep in mind when choosing Lost River Cave as the venue for your Festival or Fair.

Rentalsfestivals&fairs1Size:  Is it large enough to accommodate the activities, but not so large that there are vast spaces between activities.

Parking: If you are expecting 1,000 attendees (at one time) there are usually 3 people to a car. That’s over 300 cars. It’s also necessary to remember handicap parking spaces. You’ll want to make sure that the parking attendants are directing traffic to insure adequate parking for all attendees.

Before choosing locations for activities and parking, walk every foot of the site.  Make sure that you are able to identify any potential parking, flow, or traffic problems.

Once the festival site is chosen, draw it out to scale on the site map provided by Lost River Cave. Trees, power lines, parking and picnic areas, buildings, walkways and any other large fixture will affect human and vehicle traffic. Identify concession stands, entertainment, exhibits, concessions, first aid station, and portable restrooms.

Insurance:  The non-profit organization, Friends of the Lost River, Inc., must be named as ‘Additional Insured’ on a general liability policy obtained by the Festival organization.  A minimum of $1,000,000 general liability insurance is required.

Hold Harmless:  All staff and workers of the Festival event will be required to sign a document that agrees to hold harmless the Friends of the Lost River, Inc. in the event of injury or loss of personal property.

Restrooms: Location is the key. They need to be convenient to the attendees. Keep them in clusters. Mark them well ‘Men’ and ‘Women’. There should be more ‘Women’ then ‘Men’. They should be well supplied and routinely checked.

Electrical: Know what your electrical needs are and the availability of it. This helps in establishing the positioning of the entertainment and food vendors.

Noise:  If there is to be loud entertainment it needs to be separated from the exhibit area. How late will your entertainment perform and how close to a residential area are you? Are there any city ordinances about noise?

Reantalsfestivals&fairs2Rest and Picnic Areas:   Use your map to identify benches or picnic tables in shady areas.   When attendees are hot or tired you want them to rest, not leave.Anticipate the need for attendees to sit and eat. You don’t want people not to purchase food because there is no place to eat.

Information Booth: A good place would be right inside the festival. Pamphlets and flyers can be distributed. They could also handle lost and found items.

Trash Containers:  They must be conveniently placed throughout the site and emptied on a regular basis.

Alcohol:  You will be responsible for obtaining appropriate state and local license’s to sell or serve alcoholic beverages.  It is our policy to allow only beer or wine on the property, no hard-liquor.

Now that you have considered all these things, visit the site with the map and you will be able to visualize it.  Make sure that every activity can be accommodated.

And finally, put your team together and organize everything down to the last detail. There’s no such thing as too much planning when you’re in charge of a huge event.  For additional information on planning a successful event check this helpful site.

Contact Ciara or Annie for reservations and information at 270-393-0077.